Bruno Guilherme is the new drummer of Cruz de Ferro

Bruno new drummer

The ex-Ciborium, ex-WAKO and Enchantya current drummer will seat behind Cruz de Ferro’s drums.

The choice for Bruno comes naturaly, since we are friends for a long time. We know is work quiet well and know he’s the right guy for the job.

You’ll be able to see his full power live at “Sardinha de Ferro 5”.

We will be back in June stonger than ever!

Abraço de Ferro


Quinto Império [advanced track]

“Quinto Império” is the advanced track taken from the forthcoming album “Morreremos de Pé”.

The song is based on the apocaliptic messianic belief of Priest António Vieira [1608-1697], in “History of the Future” [Lisboa Ocidental, 1718].